Cassandra Tyler
Changing the Narrative - Cassandra Tyler
Changing the Narrative
Actress Zoe Saldana speaks to the next generation Latin community about changing the cultural narrative. She founded BESE, a nonprofit platform with that very initiative.

Client: Hispanic Executive
Agency: Guerrero Media
Producer: Vianni Busquets
Producer: Kevin Beauseigneur
Publicist: Gary Mantoosh

Photographer: Peter Yang
Talent: Zoe Saldana
Assistant: Finnley Kirckman
Director of Photography: David Telles
Lighting/Sound: Danny Telles
Stylist: Petra Flannery
Make-up Artist: Amy Oresman
Hair Stylist: Aviva Perea

Editor: Cassandra Tyler

Zoe Saldana has starred in major box office films, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar and Star Trek. Behind the scenes, she is a passionate and dedicated mother with a story all her own.

In a series of three vignettes, I told Zoe's story: from her Latin upbringing and loss of her father to her latest nonprofit endeavor, BESE.