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Meet Izzy - Cassandra Tyler
Meet Izzy
Izzy is a heart kid, which means she is one of 40,000 babies born each year with a congenital heart defect (CHD) in the U.S. Izzy was born with multiple complex CHDs and is in heart failure. Because of research, survival rates and life expectancy for CHD patients have improved remarkably. However, so much more research is needed. Many children, like Izzy, have reached the end of science. In this video, Izzy talks about life as a heart kid and why research is so important to her. Children like Izzy are the reason CHF continues to fund research.

Client: The Children's Heart Foundation
Producer: Cassandra Tyler


Director of Photography: Izzy's Mom :)
(filmed on smartphone)

Editor: Cassandra Tyler
Animator: Cassandra Tyler

Izzy was excited about a the idea of a video interview. She's very passionate about helping other kids with heart defects, and she hoped it would help raise donations for CHD (congenital heart defect) research. Her wish came true. Izzy's story was shared during a Giving Tuesday campaign, lead by The Children's Heart Foundation. They exceeded their goal and raised over $110,000!

I previously edited a separate micro-doc, which premiered at the Red Tie Ball, a Chicago-based fundraiser for local The Children's Heart Foundation chapter. This narrative helped raise $77,000 directly after the premiere, with an additional $200,000 after the event. This will fund two research projects for the foundation.