Cassandra Tyler
Fighting Spirit - Cassandra Tyler
Fighting Spirit
UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic, was born to fight. As a Valley View firefighter in his home state of Ohio, Stipe shows the world how his “fighting spirit” comes to life before his super fight against Daniel Cormier in Las Vegas at UFC 226.

Client: Modelo
Agency: Olsen Engage
Producer: Matthew Soden


Director: Matthew Soden
Director of Photography: Matt Rossetti
Camera Operator (Aerial): Cassandra Tyler
Sound Mixer: Sam Caravana
Production Company: AKA Media Inc

Editor: Cassandra Tyler
Colorist: Cassandra Tyler

From his tough Croatian roots to his firefighter boots, UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic, was born to fight. Producer Matthew Soden and I sought to capture Stipe’s fighting spirit in this cinematic, micro-documentary.

Truly a day in the life of Stipe, we interviewed him on his drive to physical therapy and back. We talked with his friends and fellow firefighters. We captured his intensity and determination during training.

As a licensed drone operator, I capture aerial shots of hometown environment. Then, I edited this video in under 10 hours for next-day distribution to Sports Illustrated, among other outlets. We appreciate Modelo for the opportunity to tell a great story.